Why a Cargo Van is Perfect for Your Small Move

December 17, 2021, 9:21

When you are moving across town from one apartment to another, it can feel just as overwhelming as if you were moving across the country to a large new home! Moving is inherently stressful and emotional as you leave a place that you called home and face change at a new place. At Marcus Allard Truck Rental, we hope that your move prompts feelings of excitement as it is a new adventure. One way to alleviate stress is to match your rental vehicle to your move. A box truck rental or large pickup truck can just add to your anxiety and work!

Why a Small Move Needs a Smaller Rental

If you are leaving your one-bedroom home, apartment or college dorm, it is helpful to have a cargo van rental as your rental. 

What a cargo van brings:

  • Ease behind the wheel: If you automatically think that a large vehicle or box truck is needed to move, you are definitely mistaken. If you do not have large pieces of furniture or tons of belongings, the cargo van will be best. It drives comparable to a sedan and SUV. Unless you are used to driving a large vehicle, it can be intimidating to be behind the wheel of a large box truck. A cargo van will make the ride and drive way easier.
  • Covered space: A cargo van’s space in the back is enclosed, which makes it a better way to transport your belongings vs. a pickup truck rental. You won’t need to watch the bed constantly worrying about your stuff blowing out of the back or being bumped out as you drive. You can also move in any type of weather and not panic about your stuff getting soaked or snowed on as you transport it to your new spot.
  • Parking and packing up: If your place is on a busy or crowded street, it is way easier to park a cargo van and fit it into possibly tight parking spots. You won’t have to worry about stopping or interrupting traffic in order to get your big moving truck into place! Once you have a cargo van rental in place, it can be a breeze to pack your belongings into the back as you won’t have to climb or mess with a liftgate. Moving buddies can make the packing up even easier.

The Vehicle That Fits Your Move

Our crew at Marcus Allard can discuss with you what type of rental will best fit your move. We have a range of vehicles to rent in our fleet from pickup trucks to box trucks. We are here to help!

We are honored to continue to work with our communities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region for years.  If you would like to discuss renting, contact us through our online contact form.