5 Reasons to Rent a Vehicle Before Winter Begins 

November 12, 2019, 2:46

Shorter days and cooler weather are the telltale signs that it’s time to wind down after a long summer. Fall is in full swing: now’s the time to do all those relaxing fall activities with the help of our rental vehicles at Marcus Allard Truck Rental! Read about some ways you can use a rental vehicle to make your fall activities go smoothly. Once you feel inspired, give us a call!

Take a Group to the Apple Orchard

It’s apple season! Time to get out into the crisp fall air and pick some Red Delicious and Granny Smith. What’s a better way to enjoy this time than to experience it with others? Make a celebration out of it by taking your family and friends with you using our passenger vans. These roomy vans make it possible as they comfortably fit up to fifteen people.  

Go on a Camping Trip

With showers of colorful leaves falling outside, this is a time of the year you don’t want to miss sitting inside. Schedule a camping trip so you can hike and spend time around a campfire in the great outdoors. Take your camper with you by hauling it with one of our pickup trucks! Our trucks undergo regular maintenance and have a high towing capacity, so you can be confident that you will make it there without issue. 

Rent a Truck for Your Hayride

If you are someone who provides hayrides, our pickup trucks are sure to come in handy! Our trucks are strong enough to haul a wagon filled with people. Maybe an old tractor has a better aesthetic, but imagine it breaking down while on a trail—that would cause quite the chaos. Instead, a pickup truck offers a comfortable place for the driver to sit while safely towing all the passengers.   

Go for a Bike Ride

What’s more pleasant than setting out on a bike ride on a perfectly clear, sunny fall day? If your car isn’t equipped with a bike rack or a trunk that’s large enough to fit bikes inside, call Marcus Allard. We provide spacious vehicles like cargo vans that are designed to transport bulky objects so you can easily take your bikes to a scenic trail.   

Take Your Yard Debris to the Junkyard

After you’ve had your fun, it’s time to return to the grind. There’s plenty of work to be done in the fall, such as yard work. Hauling debris to your local junkyard may not be something you’re looking forward to, but it’s a necessary job. Once you’ve bagged all of your leaves and withered flowers, load them in one of our stake trucks or pickup trucks with a large bed. At the very least, Marcus Allard can help make the task easier for you. 

Rent Your Vehicle from Marcus Allard!

No matter what is on your fall bucket list, Marcus Allard has your transportation covered. Rent one of our vehicles today to get to your destination without a sweat. Call us today to book a rental vehicle today!