Common Mistakes Movers Make During the Truck Rental Process

September 05, 2017, 8:00

When you are in need of a truck rental for a move (or any other type of service), it is important to know what to look for in a truck rental company and to avoid common errors that could be costly later on. Consider these common mistakes that movers make during the process of renting a truck or a van in Indiana–

  1. Failing to Choose the Right Sized Vehicle

The right sized vehicle is very important when you are in the midst of a move – a vehicle that is too big is a waste, and will cost you more in rent and in gas than you would have to pay otherwise. However, a vehicle that is too small can result in exactly the opposite problem – you may end up having to make way more trips than necessary, which may be impossible if you are moving far away. Make sure you know exactly how much you will need to fit in your moving van or rental truck before signing a rental policy. If you’re not sure what size you’ll need, ask the rental company for some professional help.

  1. Failing to Add an Additional Driver to the Policy

If you are 100 percent sure that you will be the only one driving the rental vehicle, then you don’t need to add someone else to the policy. However, if you think that there is even the slightest chance that you someone else may drive the vehicle, which is common if you are traveling long distances, you need to add this driver to the policy at the time that you rent your vehicle. This may cost you a little more to do, but it can be worth it later on.

  1. Failing to Buy Insurance

It is very important that your truck rental or van rental is insured. Being involved in an accident with a rental vehicle can be extremely costly. If you are not sure whether or not the vehicle that you are renting is covered by insurance, call your insurance company and ask what their policy is regarding insuring other vehicles that you are driving. You should also ask the truck or van rental company directly what the policy regarding insurance is. If you’re not insured, you need to buy insurance, plain and simple.

At Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, We Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

When you are in the middle of a move, you want to do as much as possible to make the process easy and straightforward. When you rent a van or a truck from Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we thoroughly review the smallest details with you to make sure you’re not making a mistake that could cost you later on. To learn more about our policies and why we’re the best truck rental and van rental company in Indiana, contact us today.