How to Successfully Pack Your Moving Truck

February 02, 2021, 3:45

Marcus Allard Truck Rental recognizes that moving can be stressful. From finding the right moving materials to securing a dependable rental vehicle, you may not know where to begin with the process. Start by calling our team since we have the box truck you need to get to your new home. Before you set off, make sure you’ve packed everything into the truck safely. Packing a moving truck takes strategy. Here are a few of our top tips to successfully pack your moving truck. 

Find the Right Size Truck

Before you can pack anything into a moving truck, you need to rent one! Choosing the right truck is important since it’ll save you the trouble of making multiple trips. Marcus Allard Truck Rental has a variety of moving trucks available in two sizes—14 feet and 16 feet— each with its own features and advantages. Our 14-foot truck keeps it simple while providing enough space for several rooms’ worth of furniture. Our 16-foot truck is longer and has a lift gate to make it easier to load. 

Get Your Supplies

Moving supplies will make your life so much easier, so be sure to create a list of things you need to help you move. Don’t just put your items in the back of the truck and assume they’ll be fine. Wrap them carefully in bubble wrap. Cover delicate furniture to keep debris off them, secure loose, smaller items and tape boxes closed tightly. Consider renting a dolly to make loading easier. You don’t have to invest a lot of time and money in choosing supplies—just be sure to gather them before you begin moving.  

Take Apart Furniture

Hauling everything onto the truck is easier when you take apart the furniture beforehand. You’ll have an easier time distributing weight throughout the truck. Disassembling furniture also helps to protect it from damage. For instance, headboards and bed frames should be disassembled and laid securely against each other inside the truck. This step takes some strategy since you’ll need to identify items that will take up a lot of room and then determine how you’ll place them in the truck so that you maximize the amount of space.    

Load the Heaviest Items First

Once you’re ready to begin loading the truck, find the biggest and heaviest items and load those first. A few examples include refrigerators, mattresses, chairs and tables. You don’t want them to crush smaller objects, so putting them on first will help you focus on weight distribution and keep everything else from getting damaged.

Smallest Items Go Last

After you’ve loaded your moving truck with furniture and other heavy items, it’s time to put your boxes filled with smaller items on board. Stack boxes carefully and be sure to label them so you won’t need to guess what’s inside. If there are particularly fragile items you are worried about, consider renting one of our cargo vans to keep these items separate. Our cargo vans can carry small pieces of furniture and boxes of delicate items. It’s a great option if you’d like to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Rent a Moving Truck in Highland

Call Marcus Allard Truck Rental for a moving truck in Highland, and keep these tips in mind to make the moving process a breeze.