Take these items along for a fun camping adventure

July 03, 2018, 6:00

Summer is the season for adventure and what better way to celebrate the long days and late nights than with an excursion into the outdoors. Camping – whether it’s in a sleeping bag under the stars, tent or rented pop-up camper – is an awesome way to connect with nature as well as family and friends. Along with an outdoor trip comes gear and a need for transportation that fits your needs.

Equipment essentials

Lighting: Camping newbies should not forget to bring along a source of light. Nights outdoors are darker than within cities and towns and the stars offer only so much illumination. Flashlights and lanterns work great, but headlamps are a hands-free way to guide you along your way in the dark.

Fight off the bugs: Annoying – and potentially dangerous – insects are the downside to being outdoors for hours on end. Make sure to bring bug spray and consider wearing long pants and sleeves, if weather permits, to help keep the bugs at bay.

Heavy-duty cooler: Sneaky raccoons are known to snatch food from right under campers’ noses! A tight lid or lockable cooler are key to keeping food safe and cold during any camping trip.

A lip balm with SPF: A simple and small addition for any camping experience is a good lip conditioner with SPF to help block out the sun. Lip skin is more sensitive to sun and wind and needs extra protection.

Board games: Having a rainy day back-up plan is always a good idea when you will be spending time out in nature! Packing a few old-school board games will help stave off boredom if Mother Nature crashes your trip.

Packing it up

Getting your gear all ready to go is just part of your camping story. Now, you need to pack it all up in the right vehicle for you. Depending on if it’s just your family or a group of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, the right transportation makes it easier to get there along with everything you need.

Extended Cab pickup trucks: With a towing capacity of up to 12,000 pounds and long or short beds, our available extended cab trucks have the space and ability to pack up all of your stuff and get to where you want to go.

Passenger vans: A van may be a better fit for who is coming along on your outdoor excursion. We offer vans for 2 or 15 passengers with extended height available.

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Talk to Marcus/Allard Truck Rental before you go camping

If you are ready to head outside, but need the right transportation, contact us today to discuss the best way for your gear and your group to get there. We have been serving the community since 1958 and we have the experience and expertise to offer advice and guidance on how to make your outdoor outing as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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