Planning for a Move During the Wintertime

February 27, 2018, 6:40

Planning to move, whether that’s down the street or across the country, during the wintertime is hardly ideal. Even if the time frame coincides perfectly with your personal or/and professional goals or needs, a winter move means dealing with cold temperatures, harsh winds, snow, and ice. That being said, planning for a move–regardless of the season–is an exciting process. If you’ll be moving during the coldest parts of the year, here are some tips to help you along the way–

Avoid a Slip and Fall!

A huge risk of moving during the wintertime is that of being involved in a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall risks increase when walking conditions are less than ideal, and carrying large and bulky boxes and items doesn’t help. If you’ll be loading and unloading boxes from a rental van or truck, wait until the ground is dry and snow and ice has been removed. And heed extra caution on stairs!

Be Smart About What You Put in the Truck

While most items can be put in a moving truck and safely transported, or even stored overnight, without issue, you want to be careful about items that might be sensitive to particularly cold temperatures. This includes anything that is living, certain chemicals and substances, electronics and appliances, and certain other products (like a six pack of soda).

Slow Down When Driving

It’s not just walking that you need to worry about when weather conditions outside are poor, but driving too. Larger vehicles (like rental vans and rental trucks) require more stopping distance when the road is dry than do passenger cars, and even more when roads are wet or slippery. Snow and ice can also affect vehicle control and visibility, increasing the risk of a crash. Avoiding driving altogether is advised if it’s coming down outside; if you have to drive, slow your speed and pay extra attention to driving.

Work with Marcus/Allard Truck Rental Today

Even if you are planning a wintertime move, chances are you’re not planning to move in a snow or ice storm, which could take you by surprise. When you work with Marcus/Allard Truck Rental, we care about your safety, and will work with you to rearrange your dates so you can move at a time that is more ideal.

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