Move Back to College With Marcus Allard Truck Rental

July 16, 2023, 17:00

College life for your kids is exciting and new, but can be stressful for parents who are new to this stage! There are many concerns for campus life – from making sure they have all of the essentials to live away from home to ensuring they have a way to get everything there. Our team at Marcus Allard Truck Rental can help with the latter as we have a fleet of vehicles in a range of sizes. But before you load up, you have to pack. Check out our tips for a smooth process.

Know What and Where

Staying as organized as possible will help keep the packing process simple. Take time to sit down with your college student to make a checklist of what he or she will be needing for the dorm or small apartment. Moving into a dorm is definitely different than moving into a home. You want to pack the necessities, but not cause chaos with too much stuff. 

If you can see your dorm space before you start making a list and purchasing items, that will help guide you to what exactly you will need. Check out your college’s website or talk to a counselor or current student to receive pictures of the space. You want to feel at home, but do not want to be cramped. If you do not know your roommate, reach out ahead of time, so you can coordinate who is bringing what shared items. You do not both need to bring a mini-fridge or microwave. You can divvy up dishes, towels, snacks or whatever else you are comfortable with sharing.

Space Can Be an Issue

You will probably find that your student’s space is way bigger in his or her imagination! You will need to help guide them to understanding that there will not be a lot of storage for a whole collection of shoes and seasonal clothes. They will need to pack stuff into drawers, in every inch of the closet and under the bed. Any space-saving storage pieces that you can find will help as well as plans to switch out clothes as seasons change. 

It is a good idea to hold onto any moving boxes that were used to move in initially, so that they can be put back to work when it is time to move out. It is a great idea to flatten them and leave them with your child, so that he or she can easily pack back up at the end of the semester.

Talk to Our Team About a Rental Vehicle

Staying in a dorm often means no vehicle on-campus. That is where a rental will come in handy to be packed up with all of the essential dorm supplies. We have box trucks and a variety of pickup trucks, so that you can help your student move in efficiently. Talk to us about your campus move through our online contact form