Our Rental Trucks Are Perfect for Local Sports Teams

April 21, 2020, 3:13

At Marcus Allard Truck Rental, we understand your need for a dependable rental vehicle, especially when you need to transport a large group of people. Our rental vehicles are perfect for sports teams! Sports often involve driving large groups of people here and there for meetups and tournaments. Not to mention, you have a large amount of sports equipment you need to take with you. Our Schererville rental vans solve your problems and make your sports trip a breeze. Here’s how.

Fit All of Your Equipment in Our Cargo Vans

If you are a manager of a local casual sports group, you might be looking for ways to make moving all your equipment around easier. Squeezing everything inside a regular car isn’t the best way to handle the situation. Your equipment might break while it presses against each other, and haphazard piles may result in spills or lost items. Your best option is to rent a cargo van. Our cargo vans are roomy, with large double doors in the back that makes loading all your stuff stress-free. You can carefully stack the equipment on top of each other so it doesn’t get damaged, taking a huge weight off your shoulders.

Simpler Group Transportation

When it comes to traveling, large groups require a bit of strategy. Arranging rides and accounting for everyone becomes difficult when you have twenty people who need a ride. Fortunately, you can solve this by renting one or two passenger vans. These vans work like small busses, seating between 12 and 15 people each. Your team will have plenty of legroom and will be comfortable as you all go to your destination together.

Plus, it’s a serious morale booster, since you’ll all be traveling together instead of taking separate cars! Your group will get to chat with each other and get into the team spirit, an experience you will miss out on otherwise.

Save Time and Money

Renting a van is often more cost-effective than its alternatives. For instance, if you decide to take separate cars, then you’ll need to pay for the gas of multiple vehicles instead of just one or two. On the other hand, renting an excessively large tour bus or something similar will result in a huge price tag. Renting our vans helps you avoid unnecessary fines, keeping your trip within your budget. This is especially true if you need to haul a lot of sports equipment with you. No need to take multiple trips back and forth: you can fit everything inside of a cargo van.

Marcus Allard Truck Rental Will Help Make Your Trip a Success

Marcus Allard Truck Rental provides all kinds of useful rental vehicles for local sports teams. If you’ve been searching for ways to save money and make traveling easier, you should consider our services. There are many advantages to making our rental vans a part of your plan. Book your rental van near Schererville by giving us a call!