Pack Your Vehicle With Road Trip Essentials

October 09, 2018, 6:40

Whether you are moving or taking a journey across the country, road trips are exciting adventures! While you may have packed your bags and budgeted your funds, have you also loaded your vehicle for the trip? There are essential items to gather to have a safe and enjoyable excursion along the highway.

Dress for comfort: Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothing in breathable fabrics. This is definitely a time when function should trump fashion!

Keep hunger at bay: Depending on the length of your trip, you may stop for a meal, but what about when you get the munchies between lunch and dinner? Packing snacks in resealable bags allows for adjustable portions as well as cuts down on trash in your vehicle.

Jam out: Create a playlist before you leave that will help pass the time and keep everyone grooving as the miles add up.

Play on: Longer road trips require a source of entertainment beyond electronic devices. Old-school road games can help passengers stay entertained and stop them for checking the time every half hour.

Charge up: Fully charge your phone before heading out and pack a car charger so you don’t end up with a dead device. This is especially important if you are using your smartphone as a navigation tool in unfamiliar territory.

Be prepared: Create your own first aid kit of sorts. This could include your prescription medicines, a pain reliever, band-aids or anti-nausea medicine that are easily accessible in the vehicle in case they are needed.

See clearly: Don’t forget your sunglasses! Drivers and passengers will be more comfortable with shades throughout the daylight hours.

Cash on hand: Stopping at the ATM on the way out is essential. You may need folding money for tolls, street parking or at the rare place that doesn’t take credit cards.

In case of emergency: Purchase a pre-packed emergency car kit or put together your own. These typically include jumper cables, a flashlight, blanket, basic tool kit and duct tape.

Important information: It may sound obvious, but don’t forget to have your driver’s license with you if you are behind the wheel as well as your medical insurance card, just in case.

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