Top Reasons to Rent a Pickup Truck

October 12, 2021, 17:00

Renting continues to be a smart option for an occasional need, such as a pickup truck. Renting can be more cost-effective, and here at Marcus Allard Truck Rental, we make it convenient to obtain the type of rental that suits your needs, projects or excursions. We strive to make our process as easy as possible and offer rental timelines from hours to a month or longer. We are happy to discuss what you need and for how long. Many of our vehicles are equipped with hitches for towing and have rear heat and rear air conditioning for your comfort.

While trucks have many uses, we have found that our customers rent our pickup trucks for some key reasons that help make their projects or move go smoother.

Getting large stuff where it needs to go: If we all owned pickup trucks, there would never be a need for a rental! Pickup trucks are so versatile when it comes to transporting large or bulky items. Whether you are purchasing a large TV or couch or taking an old refrigerator to be recycled, you cannot beat the back of a pickup truck for space and versatility. Moving large items yourself can cut delivery or shipping costs in the long run. 

Moving assistance: You may already have a moving truck ready to go, but adding a pickup truck can make your move even easier. An additional smaller vehicle, such as a truck, may be just what you need to move your office or apartment across town without worrying about damaging your own vehicle.

Home improvement made easier: Anytime you are upgrading something around your home, you will be making trips to the do-it-yourself stores filled with all of the equipment and tools that you need. Having a pickup truck will make it an easy trip as you can fit more in the back of our trucks, especially plants for landscaping projects or pieces of wood and cans of paint for building plans.

Time to declutter: If you are ready to really clean out your place, you can benefit from having a truck on hand! You can make one trip to all of the places you need to go with everything packed and organized in the pickup bed – whether that is donation centers, recycling places or local charities.

Special vehicle for special event: Some occasions need more than just a trunk or back seat! A pickup truck can provide the needed room for your special event, from birthday parties to work events. You can pack in chairs, tables, decorations, cartons of water or pop, grilling equipment or decorations.

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