What is it Like Driving a Moving Truck?

April 17, 2022, 17:10

Even seasoned drivers can be intimidated by the idea of getting behind the wheel of a moving truck, box truck or stake truck. These types of vehicles have a different feel and need to be approached with a slower-is-better mindset. Take a moment to review these tips before you hit the road during your move, whether it is across town or the country.

Find the right fit: Our team at Marcus Allard Truck Rental can help you determine what type of vehicle may fit your move the best. We are here to work with you before you pack up and go. With your rental in place, we encourage you to take a moment to see where everything is in the cab, such as headlights and other controls. If you have any questions, we are here to help!

Take your time: We know that you will be eager to get to your next destination and begin unpacking, so you can begin your new life, but being behind the wheel of a moving truck needs to be a slower driving experience. Box trucks are heavier and probably larger than what you are used to driving. Drive the speed limit, change lanes slowly and take your time as the journey is part of your adventure.

Brake sooner vs. later: Not only is a moving truck large and heavy, but you have also added the weight of your belongings in the back. It will take longer for your moving truck to stop, so it is a good idea to start braking sooner than when you would in your own vehicle. Be aware of your braking time when you are taking a turn as well.

Be vigilant: Make sure that you are really keeping your eyes on the road and watching for other drivers so that you can react to any sudden situations. It is always a good idea to remain in the right lane as much as possible to stay at a safe speed and distance from other drivers.

Have a buddy: If you are able to have a passenger, they can help you with staying on top of your travel route and be your eyes when you need to park or back up your moving truck.

Shake it off: Just like any new situation, you may be anxious about driving a moving truck, but by taking your time, relaxing while you are behind the wheel and turning your journey into an adventure, it can be a great experience.

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