Common Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid

July 24, 2022, 12:23

The ups and downs of moving to a new place are part of the change and process. You are excited to start a new adventure in a new place, but it can be hard to leave your old life behind and embrace change. Then of course, there are the logistics of the moving process! 

Here we take a look at some mistakes to avoid as you are gearing up for your next chapter.

Not having a plan: Any big undertaking needs a plan! Even if you are not someone that typically makes lists, a checklist of things to remember or not forget will truly help you stay on top of the moving process and stay organized amongst the chaos of moving. Even a simple list can help ease your mind that you are staying on top of the process.

Going solo: Nobody wants to move or help their friends and family members move! But, with a “bribe” of lunch, dinner or drinks, you can surely find a willing participant to assist on moving day or beforehand. Having any sort of help will make a huge impact on the load of having to move whether that is a professional service or friends and loved ones.

Waiting to pack: If you are a procrastinator by nature, you will have to bust through that mindset when it comes to packing up all of your stuff. It is a daunting task to put your whole life into boxes, but if you break it up over weeks, you will not feel as burdened. Taking time to pack up will also allow you to really clean out your stuff. You can think about what items you really want with you in your next spot and donate, recycle or throw out what you do not want or need.

Forgetting notifications: You can get caught up in the excitement of moving and forget that you need to let not only friends, neighbors, co-workers and others know about your new address. You will need to let your utility company, credit card companies, post office, and more that you have a new address. Once you are settled in, you will need to get a new driver’s license as well.

Renting a Moving Truck or Van is Always a Good Idea

Moving from a small space, such as an apartment, can still benefit from a van or box truck rental. Our experts here at Marcus/Allard can discuss your belongings and help you determine what type of vehicle may work the best or your move. There are benefits to renting a cargo van vs. a box truck and we can review these with you.  Having a rental is an easy way to transport your stuff and one less thing to worry about during the stressful time surrounding a move. Let us know how we can help through our online contact form