How to Pack for a Move: A Complete Checklist

June 21, 2022, 14:25

After you have made the decision and have your new place secured, it is time to tackle what can be the hardest part: packing. It can be cathartic and liberating to gather up and go through your belongings and pack away for your new adventure.

Follow our tips to help keep you organized as you go.

First and foremost, supplies: Before you can really get into packing, make sure that you have everything you need to get it done. Gather up your boxes in varying sizes, bubble wrap and tape before you begin.

Room by room: It can be beneficial and help you stay organized if you pack up your stuff by room. Within each room, try to organize boxes by items that will remain together when you get to your new place to help make unpacking easier.

Label: Don’t forget to write on each box the specifics of what is in it, not just the room. You want to handle dishes more carefully than kitchen towels and you need to know what is where. 

Take it easy: When you are filling boxes, be careful not to fill them to the rim. You may want to cram each box to get it done faster, but that can make your boxes too heavy, cumbersome and hard to carry. It is better to have more lighter boxes to prevent dropping them or having the bottom fall through from too much weight.

Clean as you go: It should go without saying that packing is the perfect time to clean out your stuff and declutter. Don’t just throw everything in boxes and take it with you. Really determine what you want to transport and donate, recycle or throw away what you do not want or no longer need.

The essentials: It is important to have a separate packed box or bag that will have key items that you may need the first day or night that you are at your new place. You should keep this within reach, so you do not have to go searching for it within your moving truck rental. Include extra clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, snacks, drinks, medications, valuables and more.

Get help: Bribe family or friends to help pack some boxes with a dinner or lunch on you! Plus, packing with more people can make it more fun and entertaining.

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