What is the Height Clearance of a Rental Truck?

August 21, 2022, 11:55

When you rent a truck for a  move or to transport items for a special event, you will be in an unfamiliar vehicle and will have to turn your mind to issues that you normally do not have to think about in your own car or truck. Understanding the height of your rental will help you map out your route and ensure that you will have a safe trip as you navigate being inside an unfamiliar vehicle.

Here are tips to keep in mind when you are behind the wheel of a rental truck.

  • The Department of Transportation requires that interstates and major highways across the U.S. have a minimum height clearance of between 14’ and 16’.
  • If you are on a rural road and there may be a low clearance, you will be warned plenty of times with signs that will indicate it is coming up. This will allow you to find another route of travel.
  • When in doubt of being able to fit under a bridge, do not even try. It is always better to be safe than sorry even if you are feeling rushed and want to get moving. Finding another way and adding some time to your travel plans is way better than getting stuck and the consequences of this happening!
  • You need to be mindful of clearance for more than just bridges on the interstate and roads. Clearance can be an issue at drive-through windows at fast-food restaurants, parking garages, gas stations, and bank and ATM drive-throughs. If you have to make a stop in these areas, it is best to park and avoid going under any canopy if you are unsure of the height.
  • Talk to our team at Marcus Allard Truck Rental for specifics that can help you have the best trip on your journey to a new destination or on your way to your next special event. We offer the best in customer service and will help guide you as needed.

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