How to Handle a Trailer in Snowy and Icy Road Conditions

January 29, 2019, 8:00

Although the conditions are not ideal, it is not impossible to transport items on a trailer during the winter months in the Midwest. Do you need to haul a trailer this winter? If you do, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe as you move your items from one place to another.

Be Aware of Road Conditions

In the Midwest, a winter storm can mean lots of snow and slick roads. For instance, if blizzard conditions are present, drivers can encounter whiteout conditions, meaning drivers see only the thick white snow coming down hard on the windshield. If you are driving in this type of state, put on your hazard lights and go very slow. As soon as you can, get off the road and into a parking lot and stay put until the blizzard stops.

Slick roads are troublesome in the winter mainly. When the roads are slick, it prevents the tires on the truck and the trailer to have any traction on the pavement. It is important to have winter tires on the truck you are using and winter tires on the trailer. Note that you can use chains on your tires if you need to create better traction on snow and ice.

Drive Smoothly

The best drivers always drive at a consistent speed and allow enough room between them and the drivers ahead of them. It is imperative to keep consistent slow speed when hauling a trailer on a snowy, icy road. The extra weight will increase the time it takes for the truck to come to a full stop, so keep a long distance between the vehicles ahead of you and keep your speed consistent.

Also, put brakes on your trailer. By putting brakes on the trailer, you will reduce fishtailing because you distributed the braking force between the truck and the trailer. Besides, the drivers’ behind you will see the brake lights on the trailer and will be aware that the vehicle ahead of them has a trailer attached to the truck.

Forget Cruise Control During Winter Months

Cruise control is a nice feature to use when you want to maintain a consistent speed. It’s true that during the winter months, it is not a good idea to engage cruise control because of the road conditions. Cruise control will not be able to determine if the road is compromised and will not able to adjust to conditions.

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