Tips for Winter Driving in a Van or Truck Rental

February 13, 2018, 6:40

Driving a van or truck rental can be an intimidating experience even when the weather outside is bright and sunny, and road conditions are ideal. After all, a rental van or truck is a bigger vehicle than most people are familiar with, and worries about turning, parking, stopping, and blind spots are all legitimate.

When weather is poor and roads are wet or icy, or visibility is impaired, driving a van rental or a truck rental can be downright scary for some individuals. However, with the right safety guidelines, operation of your vehicle can be issue-free. Here are some tips for driving a truck or van rental in winter conditions–

Slow Your Speed

One of the most important things to remember about driving a van or truck rental is that these vehicles are larger than standard passenger cars, and therefore require more distance and time to stop. When road conditions are less than ideal, stopping distance may be increased even more. This means that you should leave plenty of room between your vehicle and that of another driver, and always give yourself plenty of time to brake when stopping. And speed doesn’t just affect stopping distance; it is also a top predictor of both the risk of a collision and accident severity.

Increase Your Focus

You don’t want to be distracted when driving a van or truck rental regardless of the outside conditions, but certainly not when the weather is poor. As you’re driving, pay attention to what’s going on on the road, not the radio, your phone, or the snack you’re eating. Be careful about driving while fatigued or impaired, and switch drivers often if you feel yourself fading.

Get Off the Road if Conditions Are Particularly Terrible

If you’re driving along and a mild winter storm hits, chances are you will still be able to to reach your destination without a problem. But if the storm is so severe that you can hardly see in front of you, we advise that you get off the road and wait it out. We know that Mother Nature can be frustrating, but opting to not drive during the worst of storms is the safest choice.

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