Things to Consider when Renting a Van or Truck for a Winter Move

January 30, 2018, 8:00

Making a move is a very exciting thing. But moving during the winter in Indiana can be a pain, as cold temperatures, snow, ice, and precipitation lead to moving conditions that are less than ideal. And if you’re renting a van or truck for winter move assistance, winter driving conditions are a whole other thing to think about. Before investing in van rental or truck rental for a winter move, consider the following:

When You’ll Move

The first thing to think about is the when of your move. If you are moving in the winter, you should check the weather frequently surrounding your move dates, and choose a date (or period of dates, depending upon how long your move is predicted to take) where skies look clear and temperatures are moderate. If a big storm is predicted right around your move date, you should postpone your move or move up the date if possible. As such, working with a truck and van rental company who is flexible with dates and schedule changes is ideal.

The Vehicle You’ll Choose

Not only should think about about when you’ll move and what the weather might be doing during that time, but the vehicle that you’ll choose for moving. While cargo vans and pickup and box trucks are all great for moving, not all have four-wheel drive or handle well in the ice and snow. Before you rent, speak to the rental company about different vehicle options, how a vehicle will handle in poor weather, and what maintenance has been done on vehicles to ensure they’re in good condition for winter driving.

The Distance You Need to Travel

Finally, think about the distance you need to travel. If you’re only going a handful of miles, doing so in less-than-ideal conditions (and by yourself) may not be a big deal. However, if you have hundreds of miles of road between you and your destination and you’re driving during the winter, more serious preparation is needed. We strongly recommend that you avoid driving in storms, when visibility is poor (including when it is dark out), that you have an emergency kit within the vehicle you rent, that you make the trip with another driver who can take over if you get tired, and that you rent from a company that keeps its vehicles in good condition.

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