Tips For Moving in the Rain

October 24, 2022, 11:11

Ideally, it would be a bright sunny day when you are moving to a new place, but the weather may not cooperate! If rain is in the forecast for your moving day, check out our top tips to help with your process.

1. Be Prepared: If there is a possibility of rain in the forecast on your moving day, pick up some stretch wrap or plastic moving wrap to seal up the boxes that you have already packed. Cardboard boxes are not sturdy when they are wet, and if they get saturated, they could rip, tear or break and put your belongings at risk of being damaged. Moving blankets will just get soaked and will not protect any of your items from getting wet.

2. Plan the Loading: You could take time to strategize packing up a moving truck rental on a nice sunny day, but you do not have that luxury when it is nasty and wet outside. Make sure that you know how you plan to load up your box truck and have your boxes and belongings organized inside to best walk them out quickly and load them up efficiently.

3. Limit Water Damage: You do not want to track too much water into your old place while you are traveling in and out to grab boxes and belongings. Try to have items near the door or lay a tarp down as part of a walkway that can be easily removed and shaken out.

4. Keep the Truck Dry: It is advisable to also lay down a tarp in the interior of your moving truck, particularly under furniture so that it will not drip and create puddles. If items are especially wet after you load them, take a moment to wipe large amounts of rainwater that may have puddled on tables or on boxes.

5. Be careful: Rain can be a safety hazard when you are moving as you are carrying heavy items and boxes as well as getting wet yourself in rain gear or rain boots. Be extra mindful of where you are walking and when you are loading up the back of the box truck.

6. Stay on Track: You might have planned to take your time moving, but with rainy weather, it is best to stay focused and get done what you can quickly. If there are breaks in the rain, use these spots to physically move items in and out.

7. Unpack sooner vs. later: When you have unloaded your belongings at your new space, it is best to check everything out and make sure that you unpack fragile or water-sensitive items quickly to make sure they are safe. Leaving items in wet boxes could cause damage.

Our Team Can Help You With Your Move

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